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Welcome to the Andrew Millington website. We hope that you will find it interesting and informative.

We have tried to give you an introduction to the practice and also supply some information about eyes and eye conditions that may be of use.

There is a section on the anatomy and structure of the eye which provides diagrams and photographs of the eye. Please feel free to download these if they are useful but please include an acknowledgement of where you found them.

The eye diseases section has a brief outline of problems that may be encountered.

The frequently asked questions section tries to explain some of the queries that we face most frequently in the practice. It asks what happens in an eye examination, what is long sight, and what is Braille?

There are brief profiles of the staff so you know who you are talking to on the phone, who is replying to your e-mails and who you will meet when you visit the practice. We have even put in a map to make it easy to find us!

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